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Sonotech Medical Center is a legally registered privately owned Ghanaian company offering 24 hours clinical and medical diagnostic imaging services with modern facilities with three branches in Osu-Danquah Circle, Community 9 in Tema and inside the West hills Mall at Dukonah near Weija, off the Accra - Kasoa highway.  Sonotech offers clinical, diagnostics and pharmacy services in all branches managed by highly skilled and motivated health professionals and well recognised specialists in various medical field.

The company currently employs about 95 fulltime staff and over 60 part-time hands that sustain the 24-hr service provision. The company is known within the space for timely and quality of reports produced. This has been the reason why big-name health facilities like the Police hospital, Ridge hospital, KorleBu and LEKMA hospitals prefer to refer patients to Sonotech. Other Referrals are often from Tema General Hospital, Tema Poly Clinic, Ashaiman Polyclinic and international Maritime Hospital among others with significant number of clients and referrals from health facilities in other regions of the country.



“A healthy Africa through quality full service medical centers.”




To excel at providing for a healthy Africa through excellent patient-centered care and cutting-edge diagnostics.


1. Ensure access to excellent, integrated, patient-centered health care for our clients and expand access for underserved populations within African communities.

2. Create a supportive team environment for patients, employees, and clinical staff.

3. Increase market share through innovative and advancing medical services.

4. Foster learning and growth through comprehensive academic and educational relationships.

Core Values

1. Service

We believe that clients come first. We provide every patient and his or her loved ones with unparalleled service in an environment that is both responsive and healing. Every member of Sonotech – from the Board, Management, and Medical Staff will directly meet each client's needs or strive to find someone who can.

2. Enthusiasm

We serve with a smile and from deep inside us. We remember that the true meaning of this value is "to be inspired" and we do our jobs with the same spirit and commitment that first inspired us to work in health care.

3. Respect

We promise to honor the dignity, individuality and rights of everyone, and to pay particular attention to patients' rights to privacy, confidentiality and information. We will include concerned loved ones in our circle of care – between patient and staff, as well as the various clinical professions and specialties.

4. Value

We offer care, services and technology of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. We are responsible to the community and mother earth for the appropriate use of its gifts, resources and support.

5. Excellence

We want our customers' experience of Sonotech to be different because it is BEST. We ask for our patients' opinions and act on clients' suggestions, in order to exceed expectations of excellence.




Sonotech Is Registered

Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Center, originally SONOTECHNIQUES was duly registered at the Registrar General’s Department in 2012 with a singular focus on providing a vital health service (Ultrasound) to clients on a 24hour basis in an era where it was difficult to get ultrasound done, especially at night.


Sonotech Becomes Fully Operational

Sonotech became fully operational in 2013, where it started as an ultrasound center, with office located at No 19, Ring Road East. Dr. Ebenezer Paul Buckman was the vision bearer and first to do the ultrasounds. With support from Dr. Grace Buckman and the first team, Sonotech built a brand that was trusted. So many sacrifices were made by the team to ensure the company stood the test of time. The invaluable dedication and selfless commitment of the forerunners is what Sonotech was built on.


Sonotech Moves to Danquah Circle, Osu

After two years of Dr Buckman single handedly doing the scans on a 24hour basis, the patient base increased and Ring Way was now too small for the company. Sonotech moved to Danquah Circle in 2015. This was a big leap of faith. The company expanded where it employed more sonographers and radiologists to help run the ultrasound on a 24hour basis. It also expanded to include other services. Quality remained a hallmark and eventually made Sonotech a household name, especially amongst the hospitals close to Osu and its environs. Many ultrasound scan centers folded up but Sonotech stood the test of time.


Tema Branch Opened

In 2019, a branch at Tema was opened with Osu being the headquarters of Sonotech Medical and Diagnostic Centre.


West Hills Mall Branch Opened

Subsequently, a third branch was established in 2021 sited inside the West Hills Mall providing vital services to people around Weija, Kasoa and other parts of the Central Region of Ghana.

Sonotech! Your total health partner for life!